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Swipen Helped Pizza Hut Go Cashless- Find Out How They Did It

by | Aug 7, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses are beginning to consider cashless and touchless checkouts to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers. Cashless checkout is not only better for the health and safety of people, but can help prevent the spread of the virus. Cashless payment methods are also much faster and a lot more efficient, especially during peak volume times.

One area of the retail industry where cashless payment systems show the most effectiveness is in the restaurant industry. Restaurants have very specific periods throughout the day where they are busiest and a cashless payment method can streamline these times ensuring that customers are able to pay safely and maintain social distancing guidelines with other customers.

Pizza Hut Has Gone Cashless

In dining ordering and pay at the table methods are just two of the services that Swipen offers their clients and they have successfully used these methods to help Pizza Hut go cashless across 700 outlets.

That’s right, Pizza Hut is back! With so many businesses closed during the COVID-19 lockdown, and many restaurants only offering take away or delivery, from the 3rd of August, you can finally dine in at your local Pizza Hut. You might, however, notice a few changes when you go. With the popular pizza chain’s number one priority being making sure that you and their employees are as safe as possible, Pizza Hut has made some changes in the way they operate and serve their customers.

Preventing The Spread Of The Virus

Safety precautions include; self-service, more frequent cleaning, reduced restroom facilities, social distancing guidelines, in dining ordering and pay at the table methods. Pizza Hut is helping prevent the spread of the virus and they are doing it with the help of Swipen’s innovative contactless payment systems.

Going cashless was easy for Pizza Hut and it can be for your business as well. Just contact an integrated payment expert at Swipen for a custom tailored cashless solution for your business today and give your customers the peace of mind they require.

Contact Swipen

To learn more about integrated payments and how contactless payment has increased, contact Swipen today and speak with an expert who can assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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The good news is that there is an easy solution. Swipen’s Virtual Terminal web portal allows you to take payments over the phone safely and securely. Swipen does not charge anything extra for CNP transactions, so you can say goodbye to all those additional CNP charges.

Integrated Payments - connecting your till to your terminal

Integrated payments - connecting your EPOS till to your card terminal - enables your business to process payments faster and increase your profits.

There are many benefits to an integrated solution for almost all business types, most importantly, the removal of human error, giving you accurate reporting from all tills and terminals.

At Swipen, we offer Integrated Payments free of charge and you can use our Pay at Table or Pay at Counter software, or both if it suits your business:

Pay at Table

A software design with restaurants in mind:

Split the bill at the table

Automatic table closing

Integrated gratuity & reporting

Turn tables faster

More efficient payment

Pay at Counter

Suitable for most businesses, offering:

Faster payments

Shorter queues

Better conversion

Greater profits

COVID secure

Discover which terminal type is best for your business









Retail & Shops

Take your payments to the next level

E-Commerce Payment Solutions

With the arrival of Covid-19 into all our lives, online only payments are looking to have a bright future that’s here to stay.

At Swipen, we want to bust the myth that taking payments online is complicated, and help you
adapt to this changing world.

We offer two types of E-Commerce payment solution either directly integrated with your website or a hosted payment page.

Directly Integrated

Integrated into your own website

Completely customisable

Branded to your business

Customers stay on your website

150 currencies supported

Shopping carts

No long-term contract

Alternative payment methods, including: Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChatPay

Hosted Payment Page

Easy to set up

Take payments in minutes

Swipen branded

Data processed by Swipen

150 currencies supported

Shopping carts

No long-term contract

Alternative payment methods, including: Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChatPay

Take your payments to the next level

Virtual Terminal - Taking Payments over the Phone

Many businesses find it useful to take payments over the phone, whether you’re a travel agent
needing to take deposits, a mobile tradesperson, travelling salesperson, you have a call centre, or you don’t have a website to take payments online.

Swipen’s Virtual Terminal allows you to take card payments over the phone quickly and securely.

Our solution is a web portal that can be used on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Virtual Terminal Key Features

More secure than a card terminal - Completing the payment over the phone with full customer details reduces the risk of chargebacks or fraud.

Pay By Link - Send a payment link to complete the purchase or pay a balance. This is also a useful feature for customers who prefer to not give their details over the phone.

Capture Customer Details - The Virtual Terminal allows you to capture all the customer details you will need for your CRM or Booking Systems reducing the need for double inputting.

Control Permissions - Restrict user access to only certain functionality so you can control what your staff can process and see.

Take Payments anywhere - The Virtual Terminal is compatible to all devices and allows you to take payments from anywhere - office, home or on the move in a safe and secure way.

Ideal for call centres, travel agents, travelling salespeople, mobile tradespeople, restaurants for pre-bookings and parties, hotels for rooms and events, or any business that doesn’t have a website that customers can pay through.

Take your payments to the next level

Web & App Solutions - Order and Pay-at-Table Platform

With COVID regulations in force across the country, restaurants and pubs are adjusting the way they work to reduce the spread of this virus.

Swipen are also adapting to these changing times, and working with our expert partners, we can now offer order and pay-at-table platforms, allowing you to benefit from cashless and cardless payment options.

Our solutions can be either Web or App based and we provide the choice between
a ‘Simple Solution’ and a ‘Bespoke Solution’, depending on the size of your business

Bespoke Solution

The best option for individual pubs and restaurants, small chains, or if location offers a different menu:

Use your own branding

At table QR code or WiFi login

Bespoke rates and fees

Links to your EPOS till *

*Depending on the EPOS company

Simple Solution

Ideal for larger chains where every location requires exactly the same functionality and offers the same menu:

Custom built to fit your business

Customers can access the way you want

Links to both your till and kitchen

No training required

Working with Pizza Hut

Swipen have helped create a bespoke value-for money solution for Pizza Hut, and we could do the same for you.

Get in contact to find out more.

Take your payments to the next level

Tip Per Tap -Contactless Tipping System

With the dawn of cashless and touchless checkouts along with app ordering systems and pay online methods, many restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels are finding that their waiting staff are no longer able to receive cash or card tips.

Swipen has the perfect solution: the new ‘Tip Per Tap’ Contactless Tipping System

Directly Integrated

A dedicated terminal is placed in a prominent location in your restaurant.

The terminal is set to ‘donation’ and the debit amount is set at a specific figure. e.g. £2

Your happy customers simply tap their card, phone or watch against the terminal to leave a £2 tip.

They can tap multiple times to leave a larger amount

Works automatically without the need for a member of staff to supervise.

End-of-day report is separate, making it quicker and easier to share the total tips received between staff members.

How about a little Tip Per Tap

Read our blog all about our new Tip Per Tap Contactless Tipping System.

Get in contact to find out more.

Take your payments to the next level